There are times in our life when we feel stuck. We feel like this is the end of the world. We may go into depression as well. But does the clock in your room stop ticking? No, it does not. It keeps on moving, and so we have to also.

So why do you need to stop?

Keep moving forward.

Re-start, Re-gather your strength, Stand up and Move out of that depression.

It is true that once you have failed and re-started, you are not the same old guy. However, you are now more experienced, which means you have a chance to learn from your mistakes.

Famous Personalities Who Always Kept Moving Forward

Futuristic ideas and innovations are always considered a joke in the present. People regard scientists as jokers if they think of something impossible.

But our history is full of live examples who thought differently and changed the impossible to possible.

keep moving forward


Mother Teresa never stopped to serve the poor in the worst of conditions. They never bowed down to problematic persons or situations. What they knew was their duty to help others get out of the challenging situation.

keep moving forward

colonel sanders 

Mr. Sanders of KFC has a remarkable story to tell. How can a man think of starting his own business at the age when most people have lost their desire to live? He was creative and had a lot of energy in his thoughts. That’s why he was given a chance.

keep moving forward

dr adbul kalam

This is a very famous quote by India’s very dignified and missile man, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He was a visionary and never let problems stop him from achieving anything in his life.

Speed breaks are made to slow you down. But this does not mean you stop trying. Sometimes success may seem far from you. But who knows, you will be standing just behind your trophy.

How ‘Keep Moving Forward’ Approach Helps You to Face Problems in Life

Problems have always been there. They will forever stay in your lives.

It is only your perspective on the problems that need to be altered. You must have heard people give apparent reasons for their failures, such as:

  • They have family problems.
  • They have financial issues.
  • They cannot concentrate properly.
  • The last one they don’t have confidence that they can do this

You and I may also face the same problems. Even people who have made history had to deal with similar issues. But did they stop?

So, why should you and me?

These are real problems, but the only way to get out of them is to keep striving in the forward direction towards a better future.

keep moving forward always

Failures Help You Keep Moving Forward in Life ( How ? )

Success comes to those who can recognize and learn from their mistakes. Instead, people fall into the depression trap. They lack the courage to accept their mistakes.

If you ever need advice on how to do something, take it from someone who has failed and attempted it numerous times. He’ll tell you which path you should avoid.

Have you ever thought Edison had stopped trying after 100-200 failures? Could he have discovered the bulb?

Stephens Hawking, whom the doctors had already declared dead in a year or two after birth, became the Director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge.

Albert Einstein, the great physician, was once thrown out of school because he was dumb and cannot match the other students in his class.

These famous laureates shocked the world with their inestimable intelligence and wit.

You can also re-start. What if you failed today?

Tomorrow is going to be an entirely new set of 86400 seconds. That will ultimately be your savings, and you have to decide how and where to spend it.

People undervalue one’s abilities in comparison to others’ expectations. To be successful, you don’t have to copy someone else’s strategy. You are free to create your map. Although you should seek advice, the final decision should always be yours. That is how you develop your sense of individuality.

Final Thoughts

There is a saying by Martin Luther King Jr.

“if you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

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To keep moving forward, it’s best if you have goals in your life. Then the zeal for its fulfillment will vanish all your troubles.

Observers will try to compare you with the winners. But they will never understand your hard work. But, on the other hand, the world wants to see the results. So show them the results.