As John Wooden says, “Make Each Day Your Masterpiece”, and I think the best time to execute that affirmation is from the start of the day or when we wish each other a Good Morning. 

You may feel lethargic or not willing to get up from your cozy bed, but if you are affirmed to complete some of your invincible tasks, then I think nobody can stop you. 

You can understand it from the example that you ask a child not to eat an excess of chocolates because that may damage their teeth. But, of course, the most probable reply you may receive will be NO!!! But, I want to have it, and I will have it. 

Well, because the child loves to eat chocolates. He cannot resist himself whatever may be the consequences. So is the human mind; whichever way you start training it, your brain will follow that as a habit.

So, what to do now? You can still improve and inculcate this habit of starting your day with a happy mood. Smiling is a good exercise for your face as it brings your face muscles into action. 

So let’s discuss the 5 powerful ways to start your day happy and energetic. The way you start your morning is the way you are going to reciprocate your whole day. 

Life is synonymous with problems and struggles. But out of those struggles, you need to capture the good moments that life gives back to you and celebrate those moments. 

If you don’t, then I don’t think frowning and sobering over your bad moments and destiny will reap you something. Instead, face your struggles with bravery and courage. 

1. Realize your passion. 

By this, I mean that you must be having a valid reason to jump out of your bed instantaneously. You can understand it by this example. 

For example, suppose you will meet your favorite person after a very, very long time or you a trip destined to your favorite place, or it may be the day of your graduation. It can be anything, but I am very sure that you will never like to miss that. Will you? 

These things are instantaneous. You try to cherish every moment of that day. In the same way, try to find something positive each day. Set up a goal that you have not been to achieve in past days. That is rejoicing. 

Try enjoying the days you pass to achieve that ultimate goal of your life. As somebody has truly narrated,

“Between yesterday’s mistakes and tomorrow’s hope, there is a fantastic opportunity called today, Live it! Love it! The day is yours!”

2. Be Thankful for this Beautiful Day and One more Opportunity

William Faulkner has beautifully expressed his perspective towards life in these words,

“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity. It must be produced and discharged and used up to exist at all”.  

Yes, expressing gratitude towards someone or something is the best thing you can do to start your mornings. After that, you start feeling connected to the world, and it is responsive to all the feelings you express. 

You can be grateful that all the things and people you had yesterday are still with you. If you are not going to realize this blessing of gratitude today, you will always be materialistic and miserable. 

Materialistic happiness is short-lived while your companions and supporters are forever. You may lose or win, but your real supporters will always be by your end. 

3. Speak Affirmations related to your goals. 

If you feel stressed but do not want to share it with anyone, then self-affirmations can be your companion. 

Sometimes it happens in life that you stand clueless. You have your goals of life fixed but are unable to work on them. 

Of course, your supporters can support you through their wise words. But at the end of the day, it is you who has to work on that. 

You may be skeptical about how mere speaking words can help me boost my day. But believe me, they are more powerful than you can imagine. Affirmations are not magic, but their repeated revisions to your mind can help you feel relaxed and motivated. 

Take some moments in the morning and try to speak affirmations. For example, you can start with this

“I’m better than I used to be. Better than I was yesterday. But hopefully not as good as I’ll be tomorrow.”

4. Be Mindful

Yes, the word her mindful can be confusing. But being aware is not a thing you can utilize only when you are in a difficult situation. You can be mindful of your present. You do not need to be dwelling in the past. Neither you should be over-imagining the future.

Everything depends on how tactfully you handle your present to have a bright tomorrow. Practice meditation and tell your mind to slow down away from the tensions of the world. Feel light by not over-stressing about what is going to happen next. Go with the flow. 

There is a slight difference between being mindful and having a mind full. Take care of that. 

“Learn to be present and enjoy the moment”. 

5. Get a Task Done 

If still you are not satisfied, I think you can fulfill your will to work by getting a day's task done in the morning itself. 

You should prepare a list of things you will perform the next day so that you do not miss out on anything. This helps you to stay focused. 

The size of the task is not of much importance here. Once you are started, it means you will surely take off to the skies. 

The task can be as simple as making your bed or sending an important email. You accomplish that task; you feel relaxed and less burdened. 

Start with small stuff so that it becomes easier to handle the larger ones. This pattern of habits makes you get time for your family, friends, and, most importantly yourself. 

“Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction”.

Final Words for You

Thanks for sparing your time to read this article. I hope these methods of starting your day happily bring a change in your life. 

I do not expect much, but a slight change in even a single person’s life will honor my dedication towards you all. Happy Reading!