The four-letter word bold has numerous hidden secrets within it. Have you ever tried finding the synonyms of bold? I tried to understand the word better. Google is filled with it. They show eye-catching, daunting, brave, valiant, and the list goes on.

When you were young, did you ever try to win a simple art competition or a race in your school? I believe you did. That is when you have started being bold.

The results of competition don’t matter. What matters is, did you boldly stood up to take a chance for yourself? If you have done it, then you are never a failure.

Boldness is not about raising your voice to show power. It is the inner peace of mind that you and I have to face the fears of our life valiantly.

Being bold is not just a phrase to hang on your walls. It is a realization which you get when you grab the opportunities of your life fearlessly.

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5 Ways You Can Learn How To Be Bold

Here in this article, I would like to present to you some of the characteristics of how you can express your boldness in the right way. These steps include real-life examples from the lives of people who made their dream goals by facing fears and failures.

 1. Bold people express their opinions to society in the right manner. They have their ways of justifying their thoughts to tackle the barriers in society.

Can you ever imagine a childhood without Disney? Nobody can.

Walt Disney was underrated because he was from a small unestablished background. But still, he was bold enough to start a company in his name. And boom, that is a huge success. His fantasy and old-school fun continue to cherish us even today.

2. Bold people make decisions that will be fruitful tomorrow. They do not hesitate to follow their passion. They have a far-sight vision.

J.K. Rowling was broke and depressed before she became the wizard of novels. However, she continued her book writing along with her studies. Today she is one of the richest women in the world.

3. Bold people never succumb to disappointments in life. They keep on doing their duty even after they have achieved success. This is their specialty. 

They are unique and innovative. Such people may get old by age, but their brains are as fresh as a child.

James Dyson, the creator of the eponymous bagless vacuum cleaner, made 5126 prototypes. They all got rejected. But did James Dyson stop?

He kept on trying. For whom?

To satisfy his hunger for innovation or the zeal to give something handier for the house owners, you can decide on your own. His selected prototype became the best seller with a worth of 4.5billion dollars.

4. Bold people stand by their convictions. They understand that there will be a hundred people to oppose them. But if the hundred people are wrong means, they are wrong. No force in this universe can change the truth.

Swami Vivekananda is the epitome of boldness and bravery. He preached the lesson of unity with his thundering voice to the whole world. Was he afraid when people did not take a stand for him? No and never.

5. Bold people try their level best to support the people around them.
If you expect that people will take a stand for you one day, and then you will go around opening NGOs for the poor, then I think you are delaying the task.
Charity begins at home.

B. R. Ambedkar is a name that has left its footprints till today. Ambedkar Ji took a stand for the untouchables and the women. He was a visionary man. He campaigned for the right to equality in the Indian Constitution. If not for him, India would not have been saved from the burden of casteism and discrimination.

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Quotes that Motivate You To Be Bold

I have included this section to make you understand that boldness doesn't mean being stupid. Boldness should not be taken as a win-win situation. One who knows being bold is susceptible to accepting his failures positively. So be bold, not desperate and loud.

As said by Malala Yousoufzai-

Come out and struggle for your rights. Do not wait for me to do something for you”.

She taught the women to become bold and independent.

As said by Hilary Clinton-

“Never let anyone silence your voices. Make your voices heard every single day”.

As Angelina Jolie rightly speaks-

“Make bold choices and make mistakes. It’s all these things that add up to the person you become”

So also you said to be firm on your decisions when you are transparently clear that your decision is for the betterment of society and not a selfish take.

Steven Moffat’s famous sayings include-

“.You have to take your own bold approach, and if you do you will be rewarded with success. Or calamitous failure. That can happen too.

Here Sir Steven Moffat wants to acknowledge us that being bold doesn't always mean success. Being bold actually signifies accepting the results of what we have sown in the past.

Last but not the least; Joel Brown has final words of knowledge for you-

“You decide every day who you will and will not be. Be bold in your decision but remember, choose wisely”. 

Final Thoughts

I know being bold and fearless is not a one-day task. You cannot learn it in one day. But if you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

You have to work for the welfare of your country. But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to everyone’s comments.

History makers or your ideals also had to face a lot of challenges and insults from the community when they started. But gradually their charismatic personality resolved everything.

You just have to focus on your actions. That is the only way you can be bold. It is a habit that you need to inculcate in yourself.

Being bold is not a cakewalk. It is all about failing a 100 or 1000 times till you achieve the perfect stage of success. Without failure you cannot understand the sweetness of success.