Words are more powerful than actions. You may find it hard to believe, but mere words reflect your personality and your mentality. They can cause you trouble. The wrong choice of words can cost you your relationships and stall your career.

That is why influential people always think before they speak. Because once left from the mouth, no apology can miraculously make it up for your harsh words. You can’t even imagine how it affects the counter person.

Today I will share some effective ways: how can you think effectively before speaking. But before diving into it, you must know the importance of this commotion on what and how to speak.

Importance of Thinking Before You Speak

Words are just like arrows; we can’t take them back. And in today’s society, where your words go viral as soon as you write them. So, think twice before transforming your words into speech. Follow the three-step formula: Think, write, and then speak.

You should be very conscious about the right choice of words. Words can make or break your world. Importance of thinking before speaking revolves around PCMC. Let’s have a look at what these characters refer to.


Positivity: Words are the gems which can build up your confidence level. This ultimately creates an aura of positivity around you. Simply by being rational before speaking, you can learn how to offset negativity.

Credibility: Think before speaking enhances your credibility. They reflect your harmless intentions. That you can’t even think about breaking someone’s heart.

Mindfulness: All that is required of you is finding your pause button. By doing this, you will have enough time to ponder over your thoughts before speaking them aloud.

Clarity: Thinking gives clarity to your words. In this way, you can convey your message easily to people around you with no misconception. As a result, it will strengthen your social relations.

How to Think Before You Speak

Whether it’s a job interview or random conversation with your connections -words carry heavyweight. You can’t just say whatever comes to your mind without even considering what impact will it leave on the counter person. 

Your entire world revolves around your ability to speak. The idea of how to speak is hidden there in the word THINK itself. 

T-Is what you are going to say is true?

It may sound trivial, but it’s not. Before blurting something out, do ponder over it, if it’s true or not. One wrong statement from your mouth can leave drastic effects. So before saying something, stop and think about it.

As we interact with various people on a daily basis, we gather information and don’t even check if it’s fake or authentic. After accusing someone of something he didn’t even do, just because of gossips you heard. You can’t just say: “I am sorry.” To avoid such issues, think before you speak.

think before speak

H- Are your words helpful?

Before saying something out aloud, do think if the information you are passing on is going to be helpful or not. Normally, people speak without even considering the consequences of their words. 

If you know you are right about something, but it will hurt other persons' feelings. It will be better if you just keep it to yourself. Or screen that phrase or words in a way that doesn’t sound harsh. In this way, you can pinpoint other’s flaws and advise them too without hurting their feelings.

 I-Is what you are saying affirmative and inspiring?

People always love to be heard. Even simple pushup words like: “Tell me more” make them immensely happy. Your words can inspire them to do something innovative or break them.

Always give people space to pour out their feelings. They make them feel confident. Above all, this idea reflects you are a conversationalist and care about the feelings of your fellowmen. You can do this simply by listening to others or by inspiring them to do amazing things.

N-Is what you are going to say necessary?

No matter you are with your family or colleagues, useless chatter annoys all. People usually say stupid things to start small talk or to be in the spotlight. Be careful of the language and tone which can hurt others immensely.

To avoid situations like this, be precise and to the point. Don’t ever say things just for the sake of saying them. This practice will eventually boost up your communication skills.

K- Is what you want to say kind?

You never know what’s in the mind of people you are talking to. They may be desperate for love and affection. They may be sensitive. What you say and how you say matters a lot in these situations.

If you don’t know what to say, it’s better you stay quiet. You don’t know what other people have gone through. So, think mindfully. Use kind phrases, so you don’t offend people. As kind words build people instead of tearing them down.

Awesome trick to improve your THINK concept

A magic trick to improve your speaking skill is to practice the THINK concept. You can do so creatively to keep yourself motivated by practicing this simple activity.

  • Think of at least 5 situations and your response to them.
  • Jot them down on a piece of paper.
  • Ponder over it. Was your phrase true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind?
  • The purpose of this activity is to reflect on your words. And think of ways on how you can improve them.

THINK twice before you speak.......

Now that you know how to think, try this concept. Dive into the deeper meaning of this 5-letter word, whose each letter expounds a new concept. Try to take a pause and contemplate whether your words reflect truth, helpfulness, inspiration, necessity, and kindness.