According to contemporary literature, your body consists of 7 chakras. These 7 chakra system maintains your body internally and externally. They are arranged in the spine, starting from the root or base to the crown of your head. 

One of them is the second chakras, also known as the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is symbolized as water. The way water smoothens the rough edges; similarly, this chakra tends to attract the vibes in your surroundings. It aims at deriving the pleasure out of our fulfilled needs. 

It is located in between the genitals and naval in the lower abdomen. Orange is the color identified with this chakra. It is mainly related to emotions of pleasure, sexuality, intimacy, and movement. 

Symptoms of an Imbalanced Sacral Chakra 

Balanced sacral chakras help you to healthy, long-lasting relationships. You can avoid the dysfunctional problems related to an imbalanced sacral chakra which are very common nowadays. Some of the prominent symptoms of non-functioning Sacral Chakra are-

chakra balance
  • Lack of confidence and uncontrolled anger or anxiety about something, 
  • Indecisive actions 
  • Intake of harmful drugs and smoking
  • Being shy and not able to express your creativity and 
  • Health issues related to genital and kidney in men and women 

How to effectively practice sacral chakra affirmations?

Changes do not happen in a single day. If you feel like you do not have control over your emotions or cannot make firm decisions, you can start speaking these sacral chakras affirmations to yourself every day. You can say them as long as you do not start believing in them. 

The next step by which you can mediate your energy is by practicing Yoga. Yoga is a form of talking to oneself where you speak your problems to your soul. You get to discover your actions. You can try specific postures related to stabilizing your sacral chakra. 

swimming affirmation

Aromatherapy is a way by which you bring your sense organs in active mode. It gives you an inner feeling of happiness and creativity. 

Reconnect yourself to activities that involve water. Swimming or having a relaxing shower bath can be good options to try out. 

25 Powerful Sacral Chakra Affirmations

Here are some of the powerful sacral affirmations that you should repeat to yourself, or you can write them out daily. They may seem simple to read, but their implication in how you enjoy your victories will be much more profound.

“I vibrate pure joy, abundance, and prosperity.”

“I deserve absolute and unconditional blessings of life.”

“I am open to all sorts of creativity.”

“I am a fountainhead of pure, positive energy.”

“I can control my emotions.”

“My emotions flow in a healthy and balanced way.”

“I am the cultivator in a farm of beautiful life free of stress, worries, or fear.”

“I feel connected to positivity.”

“I am attached to a boundless source of inspiration, innovation, and creativity.”

“Unlimited joy and peace of mind is my birthright.”

“I enjoy my wins and learn from my failures.”

“I am a sensual and passionate person.”

“I can radiate passion and prosperity to my surroundings without taking in negativity.”

“I deeply honor and respect my sacred body.”

“I listen to my sacred body and satisfy its justified needs.”

“I embrace the changes with open hands.”

“I am flexible and adaptable.”

“I know my self-worth and do my best to get what I deserve.”

“I deserve being desired.”

“I am comfortable moving my body in ways that feel good to me.”

“My body is a masterpiece created by the almighty and I cannot let it rust.”

“I put on good bonding with like-minded people who respect, support, and love me for what I am.”

“I like being myself because I am unique.”

“I have perfect harmony in all that I do.”

“It is my birthright to choose play, fun, and joy in my daily life.”