Do you feel off and disconnected from your surroundings ?

Is there a feeling of loneliness and emptiness in your mind?

If so, then your heart chakra may be unbalanced ! 

Read on to find how to balance your heart chakra and get the pumping positive energy back by practicing affirmations.

Heart Chakra - Your Inner Soul

The fourth chakra is also known as the heart chakra. The green color demonstrates the heart chakra, and its element of existence is air. 

This chakra is contemporarily called the chakra of love and compassion from within. It is designated by the word ‘Anahata,’ which implies the sound of your inner self that is produced without striking any two things. So it is clean, pure, and unique. 

The heart chakra is different from the sacral chakra because it speaks of inner peace and self-love over being obsessed with a person or object. It is the point of reunion of upper and lower spirit chakras of your body. 

How do you know whether your heart chakra is not working correctly?

The imbalanced heart chakra can worsen your heart, lungs, chest, and mainly your superior extremities. Their functioning is affected. 

You are missing that energy in your life to rebound from failures. You have frequent mood swings, and you are unable to balance your anger and anxiety. 

heart chakra affirmation

How to Effectively Practice Heart Chakra Affirmations?

Words are mightier than the sword. Nevertheless, you can try using these short positive affirmations in your daily life. Regular repeating of similar words positive words of wisdom will fill your mind with positivity. 

Your mind will try to challenge every negative thought that comes to your mind with the positive ones you have stored in it. There is no pre-determined time to practice heart chakra affirmations, but you can prepare one for yourself. 

Whenever you try to speak those words, speak them out with some consciousness. This will help your brain understand its meaning. Then, you can repeat them while bathing or resting on your bed. You can even put them on your room walls. 

practice affirmation

You can repeat them aloud or in your mind; that’s your choice. Initially, it may sound ridiculous to you, but gradually your brain will start believing in them. This is the change you require. 

25 Powerful Heart Chakra Affirmations for Spiritual Connection

Here I bring you the best 25 affirmations for heart chakra relaxation and better functioning. Go forth reading to understand the essence of it.

“I believe in sharing love with everyone.”

I deserve pure and transparent love.”

“I give respect and love to myself”.

I am open to unfiltered love and light”.

“My heart is an ocean of love.”

“I regret and forgive myself for the mistakes of my past.”

“I choose light and love over fake promises and friendships.”

“I adjust and balance with others”.

“Love is my priority over sham relationships.”

“I am mature but I have not let my inner child die.”

“I nurture my inner innocence as a child”

“Love is truth”

“Love will guide me in my decisions”

“I choose genuine joy, compassion, and love as my partners of life”

“I trust myself and those who deserve it”

“I release myself of all resentments”

“I am a strong believer and supporter of love.”

“I attract genuine and loving relationships”

“I feel empathy and compassion for others pain”

“I forgive those who have hurt my heart in the past”

“I am ready to celebrate true love”

“My emotions are balanced with my heart and mind”

“I love the way I am”

“I am filled with love and kindness for myself and others”

“I love myself unconditionally and will do anything to maintain the same”