Hugging is one of the most influenced ways of exchanging values between two individuals. Benefits of hugging is not only limited to showing your respect or feeling buy beyond that. A pleasant touch plays an integral role in daily life and influences the social bonds established in an environment.

There are different types of people on the face of the earth, and some out of them consider themselves huggers while the some they don’t. There are benefits of hugging and people should interact more with one another than getting accessed through texting and email.

Benefits of hugging

You are very well aware of the great ironies of today’s social media culture.  It is making people closer to the virtual world and far away from the physical world of humans.

People tend to spend more time interacting with other people in their virtual space, and this type leads to roads of loneliness. Hugging is like a therapy which can make you feel secure, connected and combat the feeling of being alone.

Health Benefits of Hugging

Express Your Feelings

It is vital that how are you trying to communicate with people says a lot about your way of interaction. One of the benefits of hugging says a lot about the emotional well-being and the interpersonal touching plays an essential role in developing that sense.

Benefits of Hugging

In this study, it has been proved that a person is able to express wide range of emotions to another person by touching different parts of their body.

Fight Illness Due To Stress

You already know the harmful sides of stress and how it weakens the immune system. Your body tries to cope with the stressful situation, and in response, it becomes physically weak and sick.

Benefits of hugging

As per the research, people who receive more hugs and social support in daily experiences, they are very less likely tend to fall ill.  The benefits of hugging will keep you healthier and reduce stress.

Improve Physical Performance

As per a study, some of the sportspeople performs better when they are shown with higher social support and hugs. The team who shared most bonding based on the sense of touch, they perform well.

Boost to Immune System

One of the benefits of hugging is that it strengthens the immune system. While hugging, gentle pressure is placed on another person’s sternum. It activates the solar chakra, and thymus gland stimulates. The thymus gland balances and regulates the level of white blood cells in the body.

This power of hugging keeps you healthy, and a boost is exhibited in the immune system, thus increasing the count of white blood cell and decreasing the level of cortisol.

Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

The level of stress experienced by a person who have to perform a public speaking activity will be high. However, if a person gets a hug of at least 20 seconds from their partners or closed ones, the stage fear is significantly lesser.

Benefits of hugging

A study by the scientists has proved that touch will reduce fear and self-esteem.

Increase Serotonin Level

As you know that serotonin is the neurotransmitter produced and spread by the neurons in the brain. It is formed by the amino acids called tryptophan. They are called feel-good hormone because they make people happy, confident and relaxed. They are also significantly called mood regulator and controls appetite.

Benefits of hugging

Some health issues like obesity and depression are due to an imbalance in the level of serotonin which affects and control the mental, blood pressure, hormone level, and emotional processes. Various kinds of antidepressants are available in the market today, and they are capable of increasing the production of serotonin.

However, a much healthier and more natural way to follow is by hugging. You can see the power of hugging, which improves the mood and releases serotonin in the body. An immediate effect is felt, and a person becomes happy.

Alleviates Pain

It is genuinely believed that hugging can be one of the ways which help in getting relief from pain. Among the many benefits of hugging, here, hugging releases the endorphins in the body which are capable of blocking the pathways for pain and circulation is improved, which helps in removing the pain peptides.

Benefits of hugging

A pilot study on therapeutic touch treatment shows subjects had a significant decrease in pain post the process.

Anti-ageing Elixir

As the age progresses, there comes a drop in the level of hormone, which leads to loss of muscle mass. Once you cross the thirties, gradually a 5 per cent of muscles mass decreases. The high power of hugging helps in releasing the oxytocin hormone naturally in the body, which is popularly called the cuddle hormone.

Benefits of hugging

Oxytocin helps in maintaining healthy muscles and youthful body. The capacity of the body to release oxytocin increases and the capability improves the ageing process. It also helps in developing the bond stronger and strengthen the essential aspects of an interpersonal relationship like devotion, trust, bonding, etc.

Treats Anxiety and Insomnia

It is shown that due to proper sleep and rest, there can be a very long list of health issues. This will disrupt the body’s normal functionality. The chances of serious medical problems like heart attacks will increase. However, issues like anxiety and insomnia can be healed through hugging.

Benefits of hugging

The nervous system of a person gets relaxed when, through hugging, extra pressure in the form of deep touch therapy comes in contact with the patient’s body. A body responds very quickly to a warm hug.

On physical contact, the brain stimulates the serotonin, which keeps the nervous system calms and able to fall into a restful and deeper sleep. In this research on couples, it has shown hugs gives stress-reducing effects of support for each other. 

Do you believe that the benefits of hugging can keep a doctor away? The answer always will be a resounding, yes! And besides just helping people to get closed and connected, hugs can turn out to be a host for mind and body health benefits.

Hugs are important for both emotional and physical well-being, and there are always good reasons to hug it out. Stop being a socially-housed animal and try to step outside and exhibit interpersonal behaviour more and more often.

How many hugs do you need a day,