Setting goals in all areas of your life is important if you want to level up your life.

Do you wonder what would happen if you don’t maintain the balance in the areas?

Not to sound negative...

Without proper purpose and goal, your life could be very fragile. Life is like a building whose pillars are crucial for its base. If one pillar falls apart, the whole building collapse. If you don’t structure these pillars evenly, your life will always be on the verge of collapsing.

Most people are crazy about their goals. They set new goals and make efforts to accomplish them. Goals are crucial to success and achievement in life. But they work properly only if they are dispersed evenly amongst all the areas of life.

Today I will enlighten the 8 areas of life that worked out best for me. Along with some effective ideas to improve these areas in your life. This way, you will get to know which areas of your life are going smoothly and which need improvement.

Practicing your life within these key areas will help you feel happier and relaxed. You can change these slightly in any way you deem fit.

8 Areas Of Life To Improve

Finance and wealth

Finance and personal wealth is the primary key area of life. Your whole life revolves around financing your needs, your desires, and your relationships too. A person free of financial worries can enjoy life to the fullest.

Knowing that he earns enough to spend, consume, and save for investment and unexpected expenses on health, house maintenance, unemployment, etc.

Areas Of Life

Finance is all about budgeting concepts, how you allocate your budget for different needs. Cause if you don’t spend according to your pocket, you may have to take a debt to save yourself from financial worries in the future.

With a change in financial conditions, other things change as well. Life becomes a mess if you feel you don’t make enough.

Cut short your desires for some time, save money, and invest it. That is the best way to wealth accumulation and shield yourself from debt.


Health is wealth. Life is meaningless without good health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is utterly important. For the betterment of this area of your life, refrain yourself from health-destructive habits that can lead to chronic diseases. Refrain from eating junk food, quit smoking, and stop drinking alcohol.

Areas Of Life

Eat healthy food, rich in proteins, and with low saturated fat. A healthy diet keeps chronic diseases like arthritis, heart attack, obesity, and diabetes away from you. Simply by building a strong immune system. Save some time for exercise in your busy and hectic routine.

Make health your priority. Instead of taking stress, develop a way to cope with stressful situations as prolonged stress hampers with the immune system. Leaving you more susceptible to diseases.


Career is one of the most impactful areas of life. People spent most of their time in offices or other business places instead of home. Career and relationship are linked directly. When selecting a career, you should select one which suits your personality and adds value to it.

Areas Of Life

Most people hate their jobs. If that’s the case with you, change your profession. Make your passion your career and see how easy life becomes for you. 

Personal development and self-growth

Your personality reflects who you are. The essence of development revolves around self-growth and emotions. Success is dependent on this area of your life. If you are an optimist and have high spiritual goals, nothing can defeat you.

Areas Of Life

You can improve this area by practicing positive affirmations and reminding yourself of your spiritual goals. Make yourself feel productive by reading effective content and empowering yourself. Believe in yourself, trust your thoughts and ideas. Don’t let others play with your life.


Every relationship has its essence. May it be your relation with friends, family, or your life partner. Getting in a relationship with someone is easy, but maintaining a strong and magical relationship requires quite an effort.

What matters is the time you spend with your relationships. Sometimes you have to set goals to set them free, and sometimes you have to build some boundaries.

Areas Of Life

Maintaining balance in this area of life is challenging. But having balance makes your life comfortable and relaxing. 

Purpose of life

Devote your life for something meaningful. Think of yourself as an asset who can contribute a lot to the betterment of the world. Know your worth.

Areas Of Life

Instead of backing down, learn you’re your failures. Stop waiting for someone to guide you and take you out of a suicidal mindset. Set an admirable purpose in your life. Pursue hard to achieve it.

Home-life And Environment

Home is the area we live in, where we feel secure. The environment of home matters a lot. If your home is disorganized and there’s extra stuff taking up enough space, you won’t feel relaxed and calm.

Areas Of Life

Design your home according to your needs. Add value to it by decluttering and organizing it. Make the atmosphere of the house cozy and comforting. 

Recreation time

Give yourself a break from the hectic daily routine. Recreation is the most joyful area of life. Plan weekend getaways with friends and family. Go to hill stations and breathe in the fresh air and admire the beauty of nature.

Areas Of Life

Spare some time for your hobbies, watch movies, play music, hang out with friends. Add some fun time in your busy life and relish the feeling of amusement.


Now that you know the areas of life, you should know how to practice them. It’s all about check and balance. The life balance wheel is a simple yet powerful tool for self-assessment. It elaborates on the balance in areas of your life.

You can get to know how satisfied you are with the areas. And in this way, you can set your goals in those areas which need to be improved. I laid down the steps on how to use the life balance wheel for you to be your own self-growth analyst.

Build a framework-Set up your wheel by framing it on a paper and brainstorm your areas of life that are important to you. Divide the circle into eight equal areas of life.

Fill out the wheel-Write down your areas of life.

Assess your self-There are two ways of assessing yourself: either mark scores on how satisfied you are with each area of life or draw dots between the center and outer edge of the circle.

Connect the marks-By doing this you will come to know how balanced your life is. Don’t worry if the marks look crazy. Everyone has a unique wheel.

Focus on your ideal level-Focus on the shape of the circle and think about ways to make it even. Choose the areas that require your attention. Don’t feel overwhelmed about weak areas, admire your performance in good areas.

Set goals-Complete the circle by setting goals in all areas of life as required. Set more goals for weak areas to feel more satisfied.

Take action-Now that the wheel is complete, ponder over it. Goals are set to keep you thinking about ways to improve yourself. This wheel provides you with visual representation about where you stand and the growth you scored.


Balance is necessary in all areas of life. For example, if you are spending too much of your time on a recreation you neglect your relations and waste your money. Where does that leave you?


You ultimately disturb the balance of life. Now that your budget is upset, you have to work more or take a debt to keep up with daily needs.

And you can’t find peace anywhere else, as peace and calmness of heart are associated with the family whom you neglected.

Think of it like this: if you assign equal time and energy to all areas of life, you will feel satisfied. These areas are like wheels on a car. Slight issue with one wheel disturbs the balance of the whole car. The same is the case with the areas of life.

Personally, I score myself for all areas of my life. And then set goals accordingly. This relieves me from useless tensions and worries. Gives me enough space to think about my life. You can do so much to enhance your life. Be proactive in improving and growing your areas of life.

Now that you know all the facts regarding the areas of life and the ways to practice it. Make your habit to analyze yourself by using the life balance wheel worksheet.

 Discover the areas that are best for you and point out the ones that need extra attention. In doing so, track your progress and self-growth. Strive for a life that makes you strong and competent.